Green Computing – Can you do it?

No not printing in just green ink as cool as modern as that may be. We are being bombarded today by our friends in the recycling and environmental communities to ensure that everything we do is as environmentally friendly as possible so just how green is it possible to be in the world of information technology? Well if you listen to your IT Support Company we can be very green indeed. Is it worth the effort or should we just carry on burning a hole in the atmosphere and hope the futures brighter scientists can find a quick fix. No not really. Especially for companies talking to your Business IT Support Company can save you a substantial amount of your hard earned money.

One of the heaviest costs for a small business today is the cost of printing. Where you can you should try and replace printing with electronic documentation. Why keep thousands of pages of invoices when they can just as easily sit on a database on your server. Strange as it seems some companies still print triplicate copies and hand sign each one filing the pink copy away never to be seen again. Where is this going, take a look at the cost of your printing supplies and see if you can figure out why most printers today are relatively cheap at less than two or three hundred pounds. The reason is simple, toner, ink and other consumables now cost many times more than the printer ever will. We even have accessories we have to replace, a fuser unit maybe or a drum. This is where your Business IT Company can be worth their weight in gold. A good one will never just say, oh just get a laser there so cheap now, they should look at what you are using it for, how much printing you intend to do and how often. They also know things you may never even be aware of like the fact that pages printed per cartridge does not mean complete pages. What it really means is Pages at 15% coverage. What a nasty surprise if you intend printing A4 photos for advertising mock ups and expect to get 20000 pages from a toner cartridge. You see your IT Company knows that if you only print 1 page every 4 hours and the occasional picture of the family dog you want an ink jet that goes back to sleep and doesnt use your electricity until you wake it up again. But if you want to print 20,000 mail shot letters each month with labels for an envelope stuffing machine you really need two printers one for the mail shot and one for the roll of labels.

Heres a well-kept secret. Several of the top brand printer manufacturers will actually allow the use of specific authorised remanufactured cartridges saving you money. Dont forget the paper either, recycled paper is cheap, just dont buy it from a designer green shop and you can save yourself a fortune. So look at your printers with a new set of eyes, they really are burning your money.

Try a printer like this one.

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