The IT Technology Lifecycle

Does your computer sit under your desk covered in dust and foot prints, do you have to bend down to stick the occasional CD-ROM or DVD into it cursing why it was ever put under the desk in the first place. Many of the older computers do and there is nothing at all wrong with that but thats not the IT lifecycle we are looking at here today. We are going to consider something your Business IT Support Company can bring into your companies structure and business strategy which does not come in a box. You also dont get to choose a colour or a drive capacity, well not at first anyway. What is it, in a word its capability. The capability to take your business onwards to new market places like the cloud, the capability to plan for your IT Investment in the future not just to be hit by it at odd times and the capability to understand the role it plays in your companies structure. Lets consider new technology like the cloud, Ah I hear you say, we would but what is the cloud? Or even those who state quite happily we are already using the cloud we have had a web site for years. Hmm someone has been over simplifying this for you havent they. The cloud can do so much more for you than just provide hosting for your web site. The Cloud is now a rapidly growing marketplace used by many as their sole market area. Think E-Bay or Amazon. Im not suggesting you should revamp your entire business model but most businesses will benefit from looking at new technology in some way.

What about replacing your servers, a few years ago if you replaced a server you usually decided to purchase something bigger and better to do the same job but faster. Take some advice. If you have had your IT systems for five years or more ask your support company, if they dont suggest it themselves, to conduct a system rationalisation survey. It should not cost the earth and at the end of it you may find instead of purchasing a slightly bigger server they recommend virtualisation. Maybe even a plan to utilise your old servers for Data Protection Manager, (Backups to you and me) meaning you dont have to throw them out. Virtualisation has many advantages over just adding more and more servers, reliability, cost effectiveness when growing your system and easier management. Amongst all of this the most important thing to consider is that you can be sure your competitors will be using every trick they can to stay ahead of the game. New technology may not win business but it will help you to keep it by helping you to deliver product reliably, faster than ever before and to do so at a cost which is controlled by you. No company likes to be on the receiving end of a bill they didnt see coming and by giving yourself the ability to plan for the cost of expansion and maintenance you not only keep the Financial Director and the shareholders happy you can sleep easier at night knowing you have the best available capability to do the job for the best dollar.

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